Become a sponsor of the 9th Annual Harrington Car Show.

Starting 2021 our 4 top sponsors will get a prime spot in front of the garage at the car show, and featured on next years car show shirts!
In 2017, Allen Barth, the founder of the Harrington Car Show passed away.  Please help us to keep his memory and dream alive by becoming a sponsor of the Harrington Car Show.  Our Car Show has continued to grow thanks to the generous donations from our sponsors.  Our sponsors are listed on the Harrington Car Show shirts, a year long banner in our museum window, and on our web page.
If you'd like to become a sponsor, you can send a check to:  The Studebaker Garage, 9 N. 3rd Street, Harrington, Washington 99134. 
Please call or text any questions to: 208-882-6563
In order to meet our production dates, donations need to be received by May 1st, 2021
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